• If you accepted my pitch, does that mean you have accepted my piece for publication? No. We need to read and assess the final manuscript to officially accept it for publication.
  • Do you accept previously published work? Yes, we do on a select basis. We also ask that you coordinate with the publication or platform where it was previously published to grant rights to you and us to reprint it and reproduce the work for our show.
  • Do you take work from writers outside of the United States? Yes! While the Dirty Spoon often centers around American stories of food and consumable culture, we also are interested in publishing stories and narratives within the global context.
  • Is your writer roster diverse and inclusive? Yes. Approximately 80% of our accepted pieces for publication are from women-identifying writers, and 50% of our accepted pieces for publication are from people of color. We always seek to amplify voices from marginalized communities.
  • Who creates these illustrations? We work with local artists for each accepted piece and they create an inspired illustration for the publication.
  • When will I get paid? Payment is issued approximately 7-10 days after publication. We pay by mail check or Paypal, depending on your preference.
  • Do you pay a kill fee? No. Once a finished piece is accepted for publication, there is little to no chance the piece will be canceled.
  • Do you accept simultaneous submissions? Yes.
  • What are your publication rights? When we publish your work, we acquire first North American serial rights. Essentially, this means The Dirty Spoon Radio Hour & Journal will be the first to publish your work in North America, and after that, all rights revert to you, the writer. For anthologies and special projects, we will ask your permission before reprinting any of your work.