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The Dirty Spoon Radio Hour is a monthly radio show on 103.7 FM WPVM.

Once a month, we bring you stories, music and conversations about the tastes, sights, and sounds that add depth to our lives. We care less about the trends or the buzz of the day, and more about the currents that run through our cultures. Tune in for music, interviews, essays, and stories from the people who craft what we consume.

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Episode 18 (original air date April 3, 2020)

Episode 19 (original air date May 1, 2020)

Episode 20 (original air date June 6, 2020)



Episode 10 (original air date May 4, 2019)

Episode 11 (original air date June 7, 2019)

Episode 12 (original air date July 5, 2019)

Episode 13 (original air date August 2, 2019)

Episode 14 (original air date September 6, 2019)

Episode 15 (original air date October 4, 2019)

Episode 16 (original air date November 1, 2019)

Episode 17 (original air date January 3, 2020)



Episode 1 (original air date May 18, 2018)


Episode 2 (original air date June 15, 2018)


Episode 3 (original air date July 6, 2018)


Episode 4 (original air date August 3, 2018)

Episode 5 (original air date September 7, 2018)


Episode 6 (original air date October 5, 2018)


Episode 7 (original air date November 2, 2018)


Episode 8 (original air date December 7, 2018)


Episode 9 (original air date January 4, 2019)

Radio Underwriter: The Market Place Restaurant

Many thanks to our underwriter, The Market Place Restaurant. Established in 1979 in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, The Market Place offers sustainable, innovative dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients.

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