Second Helpings

As a monthly radio show on 103.7 FM WPVM, we’re lucky that we have a whole hour to share real personal stories, interviews and fresh music.

But often, we have a lot unsaid that ends up on the proverbial cutting room floor.

So we started Second Helpings: a spin-off podcast featuring extended, full-length interviews from our The Dirty Spoon Radio Hour guests.

Second Helpings is exclusively available online through through Soundcloud, or iTunes. Check out our past interviews below.


Extended Interview: Clyde Singleton

Jon talks with legendary skateboarder Clyde Singleton about his transition to becoming a chef, and his reason for leaving the restaurant industry in favor of popups.


Extended Interview: Sara Stender Delaney

Jon talks with founder of 3 Mountains Tea Company, Sara Stender Delaney.

Extended Interview: Jen Nathan Orris

Jon talks with the founder and cohost of the Skillet podcast, Jen Nathan Orris. An accomplished and career radio journalist, Jen Nathan Orris has spent her career reporting for print and radio, capturing other people’s stories. Her remarkably well produced podcast Skillet goes into people’s home kitchens to learn how to make a dish that means something to them. But when people show you how they provide for those they love, it tells you a lot more than just how to make a dish. Jon talks to her about how she makes such a tear jerking, nuanced, and rich show about cooking.


Chow Chow Festival Special: Sam Jones, Colleen Minton, Kaley Laird

Asheville’s new food festival Chow Chow was this weekend, which brought up Jon’s skepticism of the relevance of food festivals these days. So the Dirty Spoon crew hit the ground for the 4 day festival to talk to chefs and pioneers in the food world to get their perspectives. Guest interviews feature Sam Jones (Skylight Inn BBQ, Sam Jones BBQ), Kaley Laird (Rhubarb, Benne on Eagle, formerly of Thomas Keller’s Bouchon), and Colleen Minton, the founder of Terra Vita Festival in Chapel Hill.


Chow Chow Festival Special: Katie Button and Ronni Lundy

Jon and Catherine visit Chow Chow, a new food festival in Asheville with insight from chef Katie Button and author Ronni Lundy, and, much to Jon’s surprise (he kind of hates food festivals, if you remember), he’s pretty much on board.


Extended Interview: Mackensy Lunsford

Author and Journalist Mackensy Lunsford has documented the history of Asheville’s burgeoning food scene since its the beginning of it’s upward trajectory. In the process she has become an award winning journalist and writer. Jon’s conversation with her touches on the dwindling of the local news room, living with the label of “fake news”, and the future — or lack thereof — of a trendy city like Asheville.


Extended Interview: Meredith Leigh

Jon’s conversation with Meredith Leigh, author of the Ethical Meat Handbook, which goes beyond the basics of home butchery, and into the nitty gritty details of what it means to eat meat in a conscious way. This episode opens with Jon’s conversation with Meredith, and closes with her reading the intro to the second edition of her book.


Extended Interview: Suzy Phillips

An extended interview from the Dirty Spoon Radio Hour with Suzy Phillips. Founder of Gypsy Queen Cuisine and Simple, Suzy is the mother of Asheville’s food truck movement. A refugee from the age of 15, she learned to cook in her family’s bunker during the Lebanese Civil War. She was kind enough to share stories of Lebanon, her family, and their move to America.

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